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2. Server process them

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in a responsive image service


Transfer icon Transfer of files

IIIFHosting service has an administration system that is prepared for uploading and managing of images. There are statuses, search, export tools, viewers and samples for embedding. Hundreds and even thousands of images can be copied easily via FTP protocol directly to our servers as upload alternative.

Processing icon Processing

IIIFServer is a core of service. It has been developed and tested on terabytes of images from well-known public archives. The system is designed for processing of huge amounts of image data quickly, with no needs for own infrastructure or staff.

Result icon Result

Once your images are processed, you can view them online or easily embed into your website, blog or make a presentation with Omeka system. There are also many compatible tools available for further specific needs such as annotations, georeferencing or publishing.

Security icon Security

The system serves as a backup for your data in case of failure of your original HDD. Https protocol is supported for secure access. Thanks to IIIF protocol, the online images are interoperable with no vendor lock-in. There is also secured API for working with IIIFHosting remotely.

Compatible tools

Once your image is online, thanks to iiif standard you can benefit from various external online tools.
Here are several recommendations from us:



Next to the default OpenSeaDragon, there are more compatible viewers such as IIIFViewer, Openlayers, Leaflet, Universal Viewer etc.

Compare images

Images from many online sources can be easily loaded and compared to each other in research tools for digital humanities such as Mirador.

Digital archive

Web publishing for archives can be done with Omeka, where the administration, with possibilities to add metadata to your images is available.


Geographical location can be easily added to any map with Georeferencer mapping platform.


Recogito provides a flexible and user-friendly environment for collaborative annotation, tagging and semantic markup.

IIIF from images in Google Drive

Google Drive meets IIIF: click on JPEG or TIFF files in Drive and get a IIIF viewer. Double click on a JPEG or TIFF in your Google Drive and get IIIF! Digital humanities students using Chromebooks? Turn a JPEG or TIFF on your drive into IIIF and use it in Mirador or other tools!

Download extensions from

Chrome Web Store or Google App Marketplace

Metadata via IIIF Presentation API

The institutions often prefer to implement a basic export of the metadata required for the IIIF Presentation API on their existing websites or online catalogs.

The image services provided by IIIFHosting can be easily referenced from the exported Manifest as a link. Manifest is a textual document with a title, author, document structure, copyright information and link to an image service. It should be available on a permanent URL of the institution, in the JSON format.

Omeka IIIF modules

For serving the IIIF Presentation API we recommend an open-source system Omeka S. The free publication system designed to create websites for GLAM collections is easy to install on a standard web hosting. It comes with a web interface for cataloging, many visual templates, and modules extending the functionality further. Via native Linked Open Data (LOD) export - your content will be available for the semantic web.

Integration with IIIF is available as a module - and perfectly integrates with above-mentioned services. We would be glad to assist you.

Download modules for

Omeka 2 or Omeka S

Contact us if you need assistance.


Storage capacity that perfectly fits to your project.

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Disk space 100 MB 5 GB 30 GB 100 GB 1 TB 2 TB
No. images 5 100 5,000 50,000 500,000 1,000,000
Price/month Free 11 9 USD 8369 USD 11999 USD 239199 USD 359299 USD
Disk spacePrice/month *
30 GB69 USD
100 GB99 USD
1 TB199 USD
2 TB299 USD
3 TB399 USD
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